Capture Feedback and Avoid Mistakes

  • Real-time communication while review designs
  • Reply and resolve each comment
  • Set due dates with automatic reminders



Connect with customers and coworkers for real-time design review and approval

  • Save Time
  • Save Money
  • Look Professional

ApprovalStudio is the first truly SaaS design review tool built for real-time collaboration anywhere you have Internet. B Improve your delivery time and eliminate misunderstandings and mistakes by instantly sharing your work.

Real-time collaboration

Share the review session and see your team’s comments and annotations in real-time. Enjoy live communication and live cooperation

Track Everyone’s Feedback

Make sure you get feedback from all interested parties using the task dashboard and use due dates to get it on time

Project team management

Manage team activity and performance from one screen

Enterprise level proof tool

Review artwork using enterprise level proof tool with side-by-side, fader, difference and toggle compare modes.

Asset version control

Request new version of artwork with all required changes with easy workflow

Task prioritization

Don’t miss deadlines with intuitive dashboard that gives visual prioritization of tasks

Build your own professional network

Build social-like user network with approach when a user can belong to several companies

Comprehensive reporting

Create acceptance document for a customer with comprehensive proof report that summarises all activity and approvals inside the project.

Real-time activity tracking

Track all activities in the project with comfortable timeline

Finish in Less Time

Eliminate Mistake

ApprovalStudiio helps markup your design by attaching comments directly on the design where a change is needed. The comments allow replying and resolving which help you cover all requests plus avoid mistakes.


How much does it cost?

Approval Studio is free during our beta program. However, there will be a cost for each user license at launch. The price has not been determined, but it will be affordable.

What file types are supported?


Do I need a long term commitment?

No, you simply pay for your licenses on a monthly basis.

Are my files secure?

Yes, all your files are stored in our secure Cloud storage, only you can access them.

Do my customers need to sign up?

No, customers can use the system with links you email or text them.

Is there a storage limit?

Each user license gets 25 GB of storage which is about 25,000 1mb files.

Will it work on smartphones and tablets?

Yes, any device with the Internet connection and HTML5 compatible browser can use the system.